How to Talk Gooder in Business and Life - Harvard Business School MBA Program

How to Talk Gooder in Business and Life

Course Number 2225

Associate Professor Alison Wood Brooks
Spring, Q4, 1.5 credits
14 Sessions

People must converse effectively to achieve success in every aspect of business and life - from pitching ideas to giving feedback, brainstorming and making strategic decisions, from interviewing to firing. Though the case method hones students’ ability to present their ideas in large groups, this course will focus on helping students sharpen their ability to interact with others in the wide array of everyday conversations. First, we will develop a framework to understand conversation as a fundamental part of the human experience - a complex, repeated game we play with others daily. Then, through many immersive exercises (enacted with students in the course and with others outside of HBS), the students will learn evidence-based tactics to converse more effectively (talk “gooder”) in their lives and careers - with time to practice these tactics during the course and beyond.

The course consists of 14 sessions, and includes a final project. Grading is based on class participation (50%), assignments (25%), and the final project (25%). Students who took the “How to talk gooder” SIP in January 2019 should not enroll in this course.