U.S. Healthcare Strategy - Harvard Business School MBA Program

U.S. Healthcare Strategy

Course Number 2157

Professor Leemore S. Dafny
Fall; Q1Q2; 3 credits

Course Overview

The U.S. healthcare sector accounts for nearly one-fifth of the economy, encompassing a diverse set of industries and involving organizations and regulators with a variety of objectives. This course will introduce participants to the key strategic problems facing healthcare businesses, and will illustrate how strategic principles can be applied in healthcare settings to identify sources of competitive advantage (and all too often, disadvantage).

Our emphasis will be on payers and providers, but we will also devote 20-25% of our case discussions to prescription drugs. Throughout, we will discuss U.S. healthcare reform and its implications for the various industry sectors.

Topics (examples) include: industry analysis (Oscar Health Insurance); sustaining profits over time (pharmaceutical company practices); product differentiation and entry decisions (Amgen); mergers (Boston-area hospital system consolidation); population health (Massachusetts General Hospital and Oak Street Health); vertical integration (Kaiser).

This course meets once weekly, from 1:15-3:15pm. In Fall 2019, we will typically meet on Tuesdays with two Wednesday sessions on September 4 and October 16, 2019.