Leading Difference - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Leading Difference

Course Number 2022

Professor Frances Frei
Professor Francesca Gino
Spring, Q3Q4; 3 credits
Weekly 2-hour sessions
Enrollment for 250 students in Klarman Hall

Educational Objectives

Conversations about diversity in the workplace have hardened under the weight of moral confusion, personal anxiety and the growing stakes of “getting it wrong” in an era when everybody’s watching. As fear has hijacked the terms and tone of the discussion, emerging leaders are under increasing pressure to view differences among their employees as a risk to be managed rather than a source of institutional strength.

The course seeks to reframe this debate for students by bringing increased empathy and clarity to the discussion of workforce differences. We will give students the chance to explore both the challenges and opportunities of diversity, while ultimately inviting them to view inclusion as an organizational advantage that is fundamental to their core leadership mandate. The course will give students tools, pattern recognition, and perspective that will help them navigate difference successfully in their careers and build and lead organizations that are truly inclusive.