The Art of Marketing Science - Harvard Business School MBA Program

The Art of Marketing Science

Course Number 1961

Associate Professor Michael Norton
Fall; Q1;Q2; 3 credits
20 sessions

Career Focus

This course is intended for students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behavior - but most importantly expertise in changing consumer behavior. It is targeted towards students interested in careers in marketing broadly defined, from consumer goods to charitable giving to political candidates.

Course Content and Organization

The course will consist of 20 classroom sessions, which are divided into a mix of case discussions, research discussions, and sessions in which students present their ideas for novel experiments. For example, we will discuss a company which encourages consumers to build their own cars, discuss research related to customization (e.g., the "IKEA Effect") and consumer empowerment - and then students will be asked to consider how these principles might be applied to other companies or industries. Grading will be based on (1) class participation (2) short group papers (3) in-class group presentations and (4) a final group project. The final group project will require students to come up with a novel insight into consumer behavior and propose a context in which to test that insight.