Influence: Psychology and Practice - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Influence: Psychology and Practice

Course Number 1855

Associate Professor Amy J.C. Cuddy
Winter, Q4; 1.5 credits
14 Sessions

Educational Objectives

Having a big idea is not enough; you also need the cooperation and support of others to get things done. This 14-session course, which grounds cases and exercises in cutting-edge behavioral and biological science, focuses on the psychology and practice of influence. The course covers the fundamental principles of social influence (e.g., scarcity, social proof, liking, reciprocity), unconscious biases in how we influence and are influenced by others, interpreting others' nonverbal behaviors and understanding how our own nonverbal behaviors shape our minds, bodies, and performance, effective strategies for communicating both trust AND competence, and building and maintaining social capital, among others. The syllabus will include readings from current best-selling non-fiction science writers, like Ariely, Brooks, Gladwell, and Lehrer.