Global Strategic Management - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Global Strategic Management

Course Number 1534

Associate Professor Jordan Siegel
Winter; Q2Q3; 3 credits
28 sessions

Do you aspire to lead a global business? Do you aspire to be buying and selling global businesses in private equity? Do you aspire to be a consultant to large global companies competing in multiple regions of the world? If the answer to any of those three questions is yes, then this course can help you in your life journey.

Global Strategic Management (GSM) provides tools, frameworks, and experience to prepare you to succeed on a global stage. The course is unique not only in focusing on successful strategies for global businesses, but also in synthesizing Strategy and BGIE topics to examine how companies can cope well with institutional changes in diverse markets.

The course is organized around Prof. Siegel's Top Ten Strategies of Global Multinationals. These strategies range widely, including everything from product strategy recombination to borrowing/renting foreign institutions to arbitraging labor market differences. By taking apart these ten strategies, one can see just how strong a toolkit the global multinational CEO has to create added value. At the same time, we go into great detail on the diverse challenges that multinationals face in navigating the stormy seas of diverse institutional pulls and pressures across the markets in which they operate. We navigate this challenging sea with the help of the GIVE Framework, which enables us to decompose the institutional pulls and pressures into their relevant components and design strategies that enable us to succeed in a turbulent world.

Over the course of the semester, we have a set of case experiences that take us around the world. A substantial subset of cases is focused on the key geography of Asia. This course is unique in its in-depth coverage across the entire continent of Asia. Yet at the same time we are exposed to a number of cases from Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the U.S.

Also, this course is unique in having a number of cases about global strategy in the healthcare and media/entertainment and consumer product sectors.

Also, this course is unique in its focus on global strategy formulation and execution while at the same time incorporating the fun elements of institutional analysis you may have loved in your RC BGIE course. The idea is that institutional analysis leads to strategy formulation, which in turn leads to the successful execution of strategy by the head of a global business.

Also, those headed into private equity, investment banking, and consulting can benefit from the frameworks utilized in this course to evaluate the likelihood of each business in succeeding or failing on a global stage.

Also, those headed into consulting can benefit from the frameworks used in this course to help formulate as well as execute winning global strategies.