Political Economy After the Crisis - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Political Economy After the Crisis

Course Number 1516

University Professor Rebecca Henderson
Professor Roberto Unger (Law)
Winter; Q3Q4; 1.5 credits
12 two hour sessions, to be held on the Harvard Law School campus
Thursday, 1-3

Jointly listed with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Harvard Law School Enrollment: limited to 30 MBA students

Course Objectives

To explore alternative ways of thinking about contemporary market economies and their reconstruction, explored in four contexts: the recent worldwide financial and economic crisis and the struggle for recovery, the effort to advance socially inclusive economic growth in richer as well as in poorer countries, the push to build an economy that is environmentally sustainable, and the character and consequences of globalization. We will give special attention to the relation between institutional alternatives at the level of the economy as a whole and organizational alternatives at the level of the firm.

Content and Organization

The class will be structured as alternative sessions, with Professors Henderson and Unger taking turns to lead the class in a discussion of a wide range of readings drawn from the classic and contemporary literatures of economics, business, and social theory.

Course Format and Requirements

There will be a (short) term paper that may be written together with other students taking the class.