The Arts of Communication - Harvard Business School MBA Program

The Arts of Communication

Course Number 1515 (Q3) and Course Number 1517 (Q4)

Guest Instructor Timothy McCarthy (HKS Adjunct Lecturer on Public Policy)
Spring; Q3; 1.5 credits and Q4; 1.5 credits 14 Sessions
Enrollment limited to 40 students in Q3 and 40 students in Q4

Today's leaders must have the ability not only to analyze thoughtfully but also to communicate clearly and persuasively. This course will seek to strengthen the capacity of each student to speak well in public settings while navigating a range of leadership scenarios. Approximately one-third of the course will be devoted to classes that introduce students to strategies of communication and to models of public presentation. The rest of the course will consist of workshops in which students will hone their skills in public speaking. The course is designed for future leaders and professionals in the both private and public sectors.