Real Estate Development, Design, and Construction - Harvard Business School MBA Program

Real Estate Development, Design, and Construction

Course Number 1465

Senior Lecturer John D. Macomber
Winter; Q3; 1.5 credits
14 sessions

Jointly-listed at Harvard Design School

Career Focus

This course is designed for students interested in the concept and creation phases of real estate: development, design, finance, and construction.

Educational Objectives

Case studies and examples from projects build a toolkit for land acquisition and permitting, development finance, understanding and managing the design process, and bidding, scheduling, monitoring, and delivering real estate projects.

Course Content and Organization

The course is taught in four modules, each of which expands the toolkit in the relevant area:

1. Finance: Real Estate Development

2. Project Conception: Vision and Design

3. Project Delivery: Construction

4. High Performance: Green Buildings and Large Mixed-Use Development

Cases are drawn from the USA, from other developed economies, and from emerging markets. The focus is on the primary asset classes in commercial real estate (office, rental housing, retail, hotels, and industrial) with a number of ambitious mixed-use projects also considered.

Course Administration

The course includes several short homework assignments and a final project which is delivered in stages during the semester by students working in teams. For the final project, students work in teams to prepare an economic business plan and an urban design scheme including aspects in planning, finance, and delivery. The project can be based on a provided HBSP case or on a project of the students' own choosing. There is no exam. There are no prerequisites for HBS students.

Cross-registrants are welcome, with advance permission. HBS Finance 1 or Real Property, or equivalent, are required of cross registrants.

Complementary Offerings

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