Competing Globally

Competing Globally

Course Number 1279

Professor Juan Alcacer
Fall; Q1Q2; 3 credits
28 Sessions

Career Focus

Students who will work as managers, analysts or consultants to corporations that operate in multiple product and geographic markets. Cases will be set across a broad range of home countries and a broad range of industries - from high tech (such as telecommunications and pharmaceuticals) to sports and media. The course focuses on firms that operate across borders or compete in global industries.

Educational Objectives

A firm's scope decisions - in what industries, products and geographies to compete, what activities to perform within the boundaries of the firm and where these activities should be performed - are fundamental to a coherent and robust global strategy.

The intent of the course is to provide students with a systematic approach to global competition that will enable them to create and implement strategies that involve cross border activity, from product and organizational design, to location and sourcing.

Course Content and Organization

The course starts by exploring how firms that compete globally create value. Unlike purely domestic competitors, companies that compete across borders have to make choices about where to compete within the world; how to enter specific markets; which product(s) to offer around the globe; who to partner with; where to locate the various activities of the firm; and how to organize to effectively coordinate its worldwide activities. Students will also examine in detail the factors that influence these decisions, such as political risk, technological evolution across countries and differences in institutions across countries.