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The Brink of Renewal: A Business Leader’s Guide to Progress in America’s Schools

Lasting Impact: A Business Leader’s Playbook for Supporting America’s Schools

Partial Credit: How America’s School Superintendents See Business as a Partner

This report focuses on the current state of U.S. PK-12 education. It highlights the converging trends that make this a special, promising moment in education reform.

[May 2014]

This booklet provides a practical approach for business leaders seeking to understand the complex issues involved in transforming PK-12 education. It lists actions that businesses can take, as well as best practices that they can follow, to help educators create meaningful change in America’s education system.

[January 2014]

This report presents the findings of the first-ever national survey of school superintendents on U.S. competitiveness and the role of business in improving education outcomes in the U.S., including specific actions that business leaders can take to support transformative change.

[January 2014]


Southwire and 12 For Life:
Scaling Up?

A Long, Bumpy and Unfinished Road: Education Reform in Memphis, Tennessee

Reinventing the Local Education Ecosystem

Southwire, a leading maker of cable based in rural Georgia, has partnered with the local school system to staff a factory with at-risk high school students. The positive impact on student outcomes has been remarkable, and the factory makes a profit for the company. Now leaders of the effort wonder how they can encourage other businesses to launch similar win-win partnerships with educators.

Pitt Hyde, a Memphis business leader and the founder of the Hyde Family Foundation, works to ensure the success of the merger between the Memphis City School district and the Shelby County School system.

StriveTogether is building a network of communities that use Collective Impact as a way for the business community and other stakeholders to collaborate to improve public education in a locale. The leaders of StriveTogether must now focus on creating proof points in communities.

Read the Storify summary of a recent #USComp Twitter chat hosted by StriveTogether.

All three cases are available for download on the Harvard Business Publishing website.

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