PK-12 Education



Harvard Business School, together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Boston Consulting Group, is bringing business and education leaders together to better understand how they can collaborate to transform America’s PK-12 education system.

In the current climate, global standards for education are rising, and America must be able at least to keep pace, if not to lead. While the past three decades have shown a gradual improvement in many indicators of average U.S. student performance, the time has come to push for transformative progress. A number of trends are now converging that make it easier than ever before for business to partner meaningfully and effectively with educators.

The BCG-Gates-HBS PK-12 research focuses on best practices for partnerships between business leaders and educators to accelerate improvement in America’s schools. The research has identified three high-leverage ways in which business leaders can engage with educators to bring about significant change for the better:

  • Laying the policy foundations for education innovation
  • Scaling up proven innovations that boost student outcomes
  • Reinventing the local education ecosystem in cities and regions

In addition, to understand educators’ perceptions on competitiveness, BCG and HBS conducted the first-ever nationwide survey of school superintendents on U.S. competitiveness and business’ role in education.

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