The U.S. Competitiveness Project—View From The Field

Chitra Nawbatt

Business Development and Financial Services Executive

Harvard Business School (HBS) launched The U.S. Competitiveness Project during Q1 of 2012. The school's objective is for the project to be a "research-led effort to understand and improve the ability of firms operating in the U.S. to compete successfully in the global economy. The Project focuses especially on the roles that business leaders do and can play in promoting U.S. competitiveness."

After the launch event occurred in New York City earlier this year, a core group of alumni from the New York area decided to work on U.S. Competitiveness for and from the NY area perspective. While HBS has taken the primary role in creating awareness and engagement around issues and solution ideas, the alumni community can play a significant role in motivating, facilitating and bringing about action from the private, public and civic sectors. Part of the school's mission is to create leaders who make a difference in this world. Some of the NY alumni felt that this was an opportunity to bring the HBS mission to life around a topic critical to the future of the country.

HBS and the NY committee on the U.S. Competitiveness Project have been working and collaborating on the manifestation of the project in the NY area. This includes identifying areas of competitiveness to focus on, discovering needs and best practices across the private, public and civic sectors, and determining how to facilitate sharing best practices with the intent to inspire and drive sustainable action by stakeholders in a context that is appropriate for them.

As part of this effort, I will share with you observations and activities not only from the NY committee, but in general from different angles, perspectives and locations throughout the country. Simple, random, tactical or strategic acts supporting U.S. Competitiveness will be shared to create shared learning and awareness, and also to hopefully spark some form of action by any and all.

If you have any ideas or experiences to share, feel free to reach me on twitter @chitranawbatt.

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