What is one thing businesses could do to improve our nation's trajectory?

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  • 27 Feb 2012

    Svetlana V. Ibragimova

    One of the right ways might be socio-economic policies. It promotes the concept of a socially oriented market economy. Of course this is a dedicated and responsible step. The economy-oriented society - is an ideal economic model for the whole population of US. The introduction of such an economy will give odd in global business. US can show a good example for the world if this trend will be successfully implemented.

  • 27 Feb 2012


    Business should allow fresh brains 19-21 years old young generation to engage earlier.

  • 03 Mar 2012

    Aninda Ray

    Businesses exist to use resources and create wealth for the society. over the years we have forgotten the paradigm of wealth creation for society and concentrated on individual growth and greed. its time the societal focus of wealth creation takes a centrestage and corporates strive for inclusive growth.