Professor Michael Porter on Charlie Rose

“There is an historic opportunity right now for business and government to work together [to restore U.S. competitiveness].” Professor Porter discusses the eight federal policy priorities that business leaders and policymakers, liberals and conservatives agree will transform America's economic prospects for the better. These include: a sustainable federal budget and corporate tax code reform.

Professor Jan Rivkin on “Market Makers”

“As long as the United States fails to resolve its longer-term structural challenges, its short-term crises will keep coming back - just like a villain in a bad horror movie - driving a wedge between our aspirations as a nation and our means.” Professor Rivkin discusses the enduring structural issues that beleaguer the United States and its competitiveness.

Dean Nitin Nohria on the U.S. Competitiveness Project

What can Americans — especially those in the business world — do to increase the ability of U.S. firms to compete successfully in the global economy while raising American living standards?

This is one of the most important and challenging questions facing society today. The Harvard Business School's U.S. Competitiveness Project, led by Professors Michael Porter and Jan Rivkin, will engage some of the world's greatest thinkers to assess U.S. competitiveness and develop actionable recommendations to change America's trajectory.