Directions to HBS and CLER

Map of the Harvard Business School campus

Directions to Harvard Business School:

By T: Take the Red line to Harvard Square. When you get off the train turn left (it doesn't matter what direction you've come from), walk down the ramp, through the turn stiles and then up the escalators which take you outside. When you come out of the station you should see the Harvard Coop in front of you - make a sharp left down JFK street. Be careful not to take the road directly in front of. You will know you are on the correct street if you are walking on a one way street against the direction of traffic. JFK will take you straight to the Charles River - cross the bridge. The street now changes names to North Harvard although it is the same street. As soon as you get to the other side of the river, the Business School campus is on your left. There are five buildings of campus which line North Harvard. You need to go to Shad which is the fifth and final building - if you come to a playing field you have gone too far. There is a driveway right before Shad (Morgan Way - but there is no street sign saying this) which will take you to the entrance of the building on your right. Once you are in Shad, you need to go to CLER (Computer Lab for Experimental Research) which is in the basement of that building. Keep in mind that it is about a 15-20 min. walk from the T stop so factor that into your traveling time.

By bus: Both the 66 and the 86 bus routes have a stop right in front of the business school. For BC students, it might be faster (and easier?) to take the T to Harvard and Comm. Ave where there is a 66 bus stop, and then take that to the business school. Once you get off the bus, turn right and Shad is the first building on your left. See above for rest of directions.

By car: The Business School is at Soldiers Field Road and North Harvard, directly across the river from Harvard Square and across the street from the Harvard Stadium. When you get to the campus you can turn onto Gordon Drive off of North Harvard. Unfortunately, Gordon Drive does not have a street sign. It is the road between Shad (see above for location) and a playing field. There is a campus parking lot where, subject to availability of spaces, you can park for free starting 1/2 hour before your session begins (otherwise it costs $14 to park). Let the guard know that you are here to participate in a "CLER Lab study" and the scheduled time of your session. Occasionally, participants are asked to pay the parking fee. If this happens to you even after pointing out that you are there for the "CLER Lab" session, save your parking receipt and ask the researcher for reimbursement. You need to go to Shad which is the building on the corner of Gordon Drive and North Harvard. See T directions for Shad room.