In his idiosyncratic memoir, The Elusive Phenomena, Fritz Roethlisberger described the odd team that joined forces at HBS at the urging of Wallace Donham:

“Henderson was an M.D. who had never practiced medicine; he had gone immediately from medical school into research, but he had a secret admiration for clinicians. It was their skill that he admired in Mayo. He also had an admiration for those he referred to as ‘men of affairs.’ In this category he put Mr. Donham, Dean of the Business School.

“These three—Mayo, Henderson, and Donham—formed a triumvirate who, in the opinion of others as well as myself, had a terrific impact upon the School. From their association were forged the links for what was to become the School’s distinctive competence for the next two decades. Whatever the conceptual and intellectual underpinning for what the School was up to, they provided it.”

Fritz J. Roethlisberger
Lawrence R. Henderson
Elton Mayo