I think Al Chandler is a much better recent example of somebody who came here because people here had recognized his work and saw around Strategy and Structure something that was going to be useful in the development of policy in other area groups at the time that he came here. And what we did when he came was to surround him, so to speak, with younger people who helped him integrate his ideas into the School’s traditions. And I think he’s had a pretty successful time here.

I think the problem we have in bringing these ideas and bringing people with new ideas into the school faculty is not different than the rest of the University. In biochemistry, you have to set up a laboratory for the man who comes and give him all kinds of new equipment. Those are the facilities he needs. And he won’t come unless he’s promised a certain amount to build the laboratory the way he wants it. Sometimes it means new buildings so it gets damned expensive. But that’s what it takes.

Here I think what it takes is a—I think you’ve got to a good deal of experience on this one. Now, what it takes is a group of the faculty and have younger people that he finds compatible to work with and who find his ideas interesting.

George Lombard
Alfred Chandler