The medical school also was based on the case method. The cases would be brought in in the ambulance. And I think that there was, in this experience of Doc Copeland, and having a big body of case researchers going out, this was different from a legal system that had jurisdiction, and would set up the precedents in this judicial district. There wasn’t any precedent that was going to be worth following. You had to look for the opportunities.

If, as a -- did that take place at any one time? I don’t know. But I think that Copeland undoubtedly had a big effect, big piece in this. He studied in Germany, and had every reason to try to be developing rules, but he began to use the term “policy.” That this is—in a corporation this becomes a policy, and it’s not a rule set down by the court, but this is the policy we’re following. And as exceptions began to appear, you have to then take a new look at the whole situation, and is this stating it correctly?