• Oct30
    • 30 OCT 2015
    • Conference

    The Business History of India and South Asia: Recent Trends in Research

  • Sponsored by the Business History Initiative at Harvard Business School.

    This conference aims to survey recent scholarship on the history of business in South Asia. It will bring together faculty and students from a range of disciplines, including history, economic history, political science, and business management. The substance of the discussion, throughout the day, will include the nature of business-government relations; the role of families in business; the rise of corporate social responsibility; and the challenges and opportunities of globalization for business in South Asia, including the role of diaspora. The conference will also focus on the growing range of sources available for scholarly research, including oral histories. The conference will include discussion of the Creating Emerging Markets project, which has collected interviews with leading business figures.

      Business History Seminar

      Held in Baker 101  from 3:30 to 5:00 PM on Mondays in the fall.
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