William Engels 

  • Member of the Board, Bunge Limited (Agribusiness)
Born Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1959. BSc., Babson College, Wellesley (1982); MBA, Fellow of the Lauder Institute, MBA Wharton, and MA University of Pennsylvania (1986).
“The business world is basically a human world, whether it is a matter of negotiations, projections, or relationships with superiors, peers and subordinates.”


William Engels recounts his career as a board member of the Bunge Limited group, the giant New York Stock Exchange listed multinational agribusiness and food company. Engels recounts how his great-grandfather was one of the founders of the predecessor company, Bunge & Born. He also narrates his role in managing mergers and acquisitions at the Quilmes Group ("Quinsa"), an Argentinian brewery that operates in several Latin American countries. Engels outlines what he sees as missed opportunities for Argentinian business growth over recent decades, due in part to poor investment in education.

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