Rodolfo Viegener 

  • Former President, FV S.A.; Former Chair and CEO, Ferrum S.A. (Faucets and plumbing products)
Born Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1939. BSc. Engineering, Universidad de Buenos Aires (1966); Owner/President Management Program 28, Harvard Business School (1999).
“[W]e strove to change the company’s culture, moving from a more authoritarian scheme to build an atmosphere where diversity was welcomed and autonomy was encouraged, letting people manage issues without checking their every move…”


Rodolfo Viegener relates the history of his family's Argentina-based company Ferrum, which expanded from a small entrepreneurial venture founded by his father to the country’s leading manufacturer of sanitary ware. Viegener explains how the firm responded to political and economic turbulence in Argentina by building strategic partnerships and developing an international business. He also discusses the role of external advisors and consultants at crucial moments. Finally, Viegener discusses the opportunities and challenges faced by family businesses through growth and internationalization, and makes a case for the merits of stakeholder forms of capitalism rather than an exclusive focus on shareholder returns.

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