Ratan Naval Tata 

  • Former Chair, Tata Group; Chair, Tata Trust (Diversified)
Born Surat, India, 1937. Bachelors, Architecture and Engineering, Cornell University (1962). Advanced Management Program 71, Harvard Business School (1975).
“[W]e need to encourage Indian venture funds ... the important change is that we have a situation where some young people can get together, get an idea, and find the funds to establish and implement that idea, which didn’t exist five years ago.”

Video Clips

Tata describes his company's acquisition of Jaguar/Land Rover and some of the challenges in convincing the UK employees that Tata was not going to sell the plant.

Tata assesses the base of the pyramid market and the need to respect the dignity of those consumers.

Tata explains his belief that corporations must become a part of, and engage with, the communities in which they operate.

Tata explains his faith in India's future: "I'm an optimist… there is perhaps the highest degree of entrepreneurship in our country… we need to harness that."

 Full-length video (accessible to holders of a valid Harvard ID)


Ratan Tata, one of India’s most iconic business leaders and the chairman of the Mumbai-based Tata Group between 1991 and 2012, provides compelling insights on his long career, especially the challenges he faced trying to transition the business, which had its origins in the nineteenth century, into the global and digital age. Tata discusses his globalization strategy, including the acquisition of major European brands such as Tetley Tea, Corus, and Jaguar Land Rover, and their integration into the Tata Group. Tata deplores what he discerns as deteriorating ethical standards in much of Indian business over recent decades, and sets a vision for India as a country which should offer equal opportunity for all its citizens.

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