Roberto de Andraca 

  • Chair, Cap S.A. (Steel)
Born Santiago, Chile, 1934. BSc. Commercial Engineering, Universidad de Chile (1959).
“[I]n 1998–2000, when a severe steel price depression developed and 30% of steel companies went bankrupt. At the time we already ranked among the 20% lowest-cost steel companies.”


Roberto de Andraca charts the corporate history of CAP in steel and mining in Chile and follows its evolution from a private-state partnership to a fully nationalized company in 1970 to its eventual privatization at the end of the 1980s. He describes in depth a period of notable change between 1978 and 1987, when De Castro implemented extreme regulations that prevented companies from becoming indebted to the government. He also notes how CAP’s business culture was influenced by the company's expansion into Asia, especially Japan. He raises CAP's early adoption of an employee shareholder model, it’s commitment to lasting business relationships as opposed to one-off deals, and the company’s long-term vision, which included environmental commitments.

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