Roberto Angelini Rossi 

  • Chair, Empresas Copec S.A. and AntarChile S.A. (Petroleum, Forestry, and Fishing)
Born Ferrara, Italy, 1948. BSc. Civil Engineering, Universidad Católica de Chile (1974).
“Businessmen are never allowed to say ‘I’m done.’ We can never sit down to see what happens. There is constant evolution ... we must provide orientation to our companies and keep on expanding and innovating.”


Roberto Angelini Rossi, chairman of Empresas Copec and AntarChile, shows how his family built a large diversified petroleum, forestry, and fishery group in Chile over several decades. He chronicles the family’s move from Italy to Chile, their entrepreneurial start in the fields of construction, fishing, and forestry and their eventual takeover of COPEC, the largest Chilean energy and fuel distribution company. Angelini also analyses the internationalization strategy of the firm as it opened forestry operations in Brazil and Argentina and founded sales offices in the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe.

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