Dr. Prathap C. Reddy 

  • Founder and Chair, Apollo Hospitals (Healthcare)
Born Argonda, India, 1932. Bachelors, Madras Christian College; MD, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.
“[T]here is something within us… we can do whatever you think should be done… I’ll call it 3 Ps. First, Purity in thought, Patience, and in India you need Persistence.”

Video Clips

Reddy discusses his struggles with the Indian bureaucracy. "I think India learnt two things from the British: the language and the bureaucracy; in both we have excelled."

Reddy talks about the importance of values that move people to action. He sums them up as the three Ps: Purity, patience and persistence. “If you have all these 3, you will not fail, provided your first P is right.”

Reddy describes his early challenges of dealing with government policies that did not facilitate setting up a private hospital. He discusses the political intervention of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

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Prathap Reddy, a US-trained cardiologist, founded the first Apollo Hospital in Chennai in 1983. Today his listed company is among Asia's largest healthcare providers with a network of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. In this wide-ranging interview, Reddy reveals how he navigated bureaucracy and widespread skepticism to bring affordable, world-class healthcare to his country. Reddy recounts how he had to engage in extensive negotiations with the Indian Prime Ministers of the era to break through bureaucratic obstacles to buying land, raising capital and accessing foreign exchange. He also addresses the potential downsides of the corporatization of healthcare, insisting that returns to patients must take precedence over returns to shareholders.

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