Luis Alejandro Pagani 

  • CEO, Grupo Arcor (Food Production)
Born Cordoba, Argentina, 1957. Bachelors, Accounting, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (1983).
“And so we learned that globalization requires a proactive attitude. And you must be among the leaders in certain world markets. This is what we aim for.”


Luis Alejandro Pagani discusses the evolution of Grupo Arcor, founded in Cordoba, Argentina in 1951, from a small local firm into one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in Latin America. Pagani, who has served as president of Arcor since 1993, discusses how he framed the positioning of his brand, delivered growth by building strategic alliances, and circumvented the repeated economic and political crises in recent decades in Argentina by detecting new opportunities at pivotal moments. He raises three inflation-related crises in 1982, 1989, and 2001-2002, and describes how Arcor was able to sustain growth throughout. The interview discusses in detail the company's social and environmental policies—crucial to a company that supplies its own raw materials—and reveals how the Pagani family's participation in the group has changed over time.

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