Jorge Marín Correa 

  • President, Compañía General de Electricidad S.A. (CGE) (Electricity and Natural Gas)
Born Santiago, Chile, 1960. BBA, Instituto Profesional Técnico (1982); MBA, Instituto Profesional Técnico (1983).
“Recognizing oneself as a leader is not an easy or pleasant task. Sooner or later, a leader has to come out and show himself. In a way, we are all leaders...”


Jorge Marín Correa provides a compelling account of the inner workings of Grupo CGE, a leading utility company based in Chile which operates in the sectors of electricity, natural gas and other energy products. He discusses the challenges of restructuring, human resources, labor relations, and investment decisions. He also elaborates on the company's decision to expand into Argentina and the benefits and pitfalls of this globalization process. Marín further discusses his views on the importance of innovation. The interview provides a rich and nuanced description of the evolving energy markets in Chile and Argentina.

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  • Interview citation: "Interview with Jorge Marín Correa, interviewed by Andrea Lluch, January 16, 2008, Creating Emerging Markets Project, Baker Library Historical Collections, Harvard Business School,"