Horst Paulmann Kemna 

  • President, Cencosud S.A. (Retail)
Born Kassel, Germany, 1935.
“I firmly believe that businessmen should not worry about crises and keep on investing. We have always invested during tough times. Two months after the Argentinean financial disaster…we bought the American Home Depot stores in Argentina…”


Horst Paulmann Kemna discusses the growth of the Chilean-based Cencosud group, which is now the largest retail company in Chile and the third largest listed retail company in Latin America. Paulmann provides a rare case of a self-made man in this sample of Chilean business leaders. He focuses on the history of the firm in in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil, discussing the varying business climates in each country, and how his businesses were affected by political turbulence and economic crises, notably in Chile and Argentina. Paulmann expounds his belief in the importance of flexibility in creating a sustainable business model in Latin America, and the problems arising from foreign multinational corporations trying to expand into the supermarket sector. The interview is a rich source for understanding the motives of internationalization strategies pursued by retail firms in the region.

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