Hamdi Akın 

  • Founder and Chairman, Akfen Holding (Construction, infrastructure)
Born Istanbul, Turkey, 1954. BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Gazi University (1976).
“[W]e want these companies to last 100, 200, or even 300 years. We want them to survive in the long term. We don’t want them to just live and die with us. ”

Video Clips

Akın describes how the change in Turkey's government after 1980 opened up new opportunities for younger businesspeople.

Akın recounts his discussion with the President of Turkey in 1990 about the need to build a larger airport at Antalya.

Akın relates how he preferred to expand his company TAV through an IPO.

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Hamdi Akın, chairman of the infrastructure investment company Akfen Holdings, recounts his efforts to find opportunities amid the political and economic turmoil following the military coup in Turkey in 1980. Akın, who had founded the company in Ankara, built his firm into a major provider of airport management and operations, water distribution, and port operations. Akın also reveals the background to the creation of TAV Construction, founded in 1997 as a regional concern, into one of the largest airport construction firms in the world with projects in Dubai, Libya, Tunisia, and elsewhere.

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  • Video file of this interview available at Baker Library Historical Collections, histcollref+hbs.edu. Harvard ID holders can access the full-length video above.

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