Guillermo Murchison 

  • former CEO, Murchison, Estibajes y Cargas S.A. (Shipping and Logistics)
Born Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1941. BA, McGill University (1963).
“My strategy … targeted, in the first place, diversification within the port and, then, seeking related activities outside the port. We capitalized enormously through numerous devaluations…. We developed the necessary technology.”


Guillermo Murchison describes his entrance into his family's shipping and port operation business in Argentina, Muchison, Estibajes y Cargas S.A., and its evolution under his leadership from a small enterprise to a diversified conglomerate. Murchison reveals how he introduced container standardization in the region, and addresses the tactics employed by his group to respond to strict government policies and the internationalization of Argentina's ports and shipping industry. The interview addresses the volatile Argentine market, including the 1981-1982 crash in which the company’s work volume declined by 59%, and suggests tactics for survival, including strategic diversification.

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