Dr. Elizabeth Mary Okelo 

  • Founder, Kenya Women Finance Trust and Makini Schools (Financial services; Education)
Born Busia, Kenya. BA, Makerere University, Uganda; Diploma, Institute of Bankers, London; Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Froebel College, Dublin.
“[I]n Kenya… one person earning a salary supports at least 17 people. So you see, a good business is by default already supporting a wide section of the community it operates in.”

Video Clips

Okelo explains how, when she was a manager at Barclay's Bank in Kenya, she advocated for women's greater professional participation at the bank.

Okelo describes how, when she was a manager at Barclay's Bank in Kenya, she encouraged women to use the bank's services.

Okelo explains how important it is for businesses to contribute to the larger society since they benefit from that society.

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Elizabeth Mary Okelo describes her experiences as a woman entering the world of bank management in the 1960s, her struggles to prove herself, and her efforts on behalf of other women in the industry. She also recounts the context of her decision to found a group of schools and the challenges of making the schools successful in the Kenyan environment.

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