Carlos Wizard Martins 

  • Founder, Grupo Multi (Education)
Born Curitiba, Brazil, 1956. BSc. Computer Science, Brigham Young University (1986).
“This is one of the secrets of success of Wizard… we really invested in the training of our teachers.”

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Carlos Wizard Martins explains how he was able to successfully grow and globalize his English-language teaching business Grupo Multi, which was eventually sold to Pearson PLC for $720 million in 2013. Based on his Speak English Within 24 Hours claim, Wizard segmented the customer market by developing a customized language teaching methodology which motivated executives and other students, while pursuing a unique franchising strategy which enabled the growth of the business both inside and beyond Brazil. The interview provides a compelling example of how a highly motivated business leader, who had begun learning English as a child with Mormon missionaries and who as a young man worked as a waiter in New Jersey, took advantage of Brazil’s opening to the global economy from the 1990s.

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  • Video file of this interview available at Baker Library Historical Collections, Harvard ID holders can access the full-length video above.

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