Alberto Baillères 

  • CEO, Grupo Bal (Diversified)
Born Mexico City, Mexico, 1931. Bachelors in Economics, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (1953).
“One of the cornerstones of the group’s competitiveness, in comparison to our international competition, is our emphasis on human relations. We try very hard to be a family …”


Alberto Baillères is listed by Forbes magazine as one of the richest people in Mexico and CEO of Grupo Bal, a diversified business group which includes the country’s second largest mining company and its largest insurance company. He recounts key moments of transition in the family’s business, beginning with his ascendance to corporate leadership, at age 28, following his father’s death. He narrates his experiments at managing the firm and chronicles the extreme difficulties of conducting business following the 1982 debt crisis and the nationalization of Mexican banks.

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