Creating Emerging Markets explores the evolution of business leadership in Africa, Asia, and Latin America throughout recent decades. At its core are interviews, many on video, by the School’s faculty with leaders or former leaders of firms and NGOs who have had a major impact on their societies and enterprises across three continents. These interviews, with men and women of diverse backgrounds, address pivotal moments of transition in the ever-evolving global world. They contain compelling insights from the perspective of emerging markets on entrepreneurship, innovation, family business, and the globalization of firms and brands. Emphasizing ways that businesses can create value for their societies, the program provides a unique new source for global research and teaching.

  • photo of Sunil Gupta
    • 28 OCT 2015
    • HBS Working Knowledge

    A Dedication to Creation: India's Ad Man Ranjan Kapur

    How do you build a brand amid the uncertainties and opportunities of a developing market? Harvard Business School Professor Sunil Gupta shares lessons learned from Ranjan Kapur, an iconic figure in the Indian advertising industry.
  • photo of Felix Oberholzer-Gee
    • 13 OCT 2015
    • HBS Working Knowledge

    Does Business Get Done the Same Way in Emerging and Developed Countries?

    Leaders of two prominent business enterprises in Turkey, Rahim M. Koç and Hamdi Akin, discuss the advantages and challenges of being entrepreneurs in an emerging economy with Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee.
  • photo of Ritu Kumar
    • 07 AUG 2015
    • lifetrendz

    Ritu Kumar Gets Featured in Harvard Business School Study

    Ritu Kumar has become one of the first Indian women entrepreneurs to be featured in the Harvard Business School’s Program to study and understand emerging markets through the view points of successful business leaders across various domains. As part of an on-going initiative at HBS, they identified top business leaders who have created and managed businesses in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America over the last four decades with the aim to offer compelling insights into their strategies and wider societal responsibilities. The School conducted interviews, exploring pivotal moments of corporate transition, strategic shifts, and responses to economic and political crises with a vision to show how businesses navigate turbulence, and can create value for their societies.
  • graphic
    • 22 APR 2015
    • livemint

    Geoffrey G. Jones | History has its place in business

    Learning from the past about the consequences of decisions should surely be part of every manager’s toolkit
  • photo of Geoffrey G. Jones
    • 14 JAN 2015
    • HBS Working Knowledge

    Thriving in the Turbulence of Emerging Markets

    Entrepreneurs in developing market economies face special management challenges. Company leaders in India, Turkey, and Africa discuss their experiences with Harvard Business School's Creating Emerging Markets project.
  • photo of Geoffrey G. Jones
    • 28 MAY 2014
    • HBS Working Knowledge

    Building Histories of Emerging Economies One Interview at a Time

    Much of modern business history has been written on experiences in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Now, the unheard stories of emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are being told on a new website by the Business History Initiative.