Dear Friends,

In 2013 we continued to execute on the School’s priorities—innovation, intellectual ambition, internationalization, inclusion, and integration—and to refine and extend our efforts in each of these areas in new ways.

The Field Immersion Experiences in Leadership Development (FIELD) course in the MBA Required Curriculum, for example, has quickly become an integral component of the program. We now have turned our attention to how we might continue to strengthen the second year of the program, and incorporate elements of the field method into all the School’s curricula. With the launch of edX, Harvard’s online learning platform, we also are exploring how we can bring the hallmarks of an HBS education—engaged, interactive, team-based learning; staying close to practice; and the formation of enduring relationships—to life in a unique platform we are calling HBX.

The Harvard Innovation Lab—conceived, funded, and launched by HBS—has become a true University-wide resource. One gauge of its success is a series of competitions, including the Presidentís Challenge and several Deanís challenges, that draw teams of students from multiple schools to address opportunities in fields as diverse as cultural entrepreneurship and health and life sciences.

We continue to marshal our faculty, our research infrastructure, and our unique convening power to tackle broad societal issues. This effort could not be more timely, as society is growing more reliant on business, and business increasingly is being called upon to address problems that were previously deemed to belong in the public realm. The ongoing U.S. Competitiveness Project and the Forum on Healthcare Innovation, held in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, demonstrate the Schoolís capacity to gather thought leaders, conduct deep analysis, tap into the knowledge and insight of our alumni network, disseminate ideas widely, and ultimately impact practice in sustained and potent ways.

Throughout the year, we marked the 50-year anniversary of women’s admission into the full two-year MBA program with a research seminar; a commemoration with our MBA students and community of International Women’s Day; and, as a capstone, an alumni summit on campus that drew more than 800 graduates for two days of panel discussions, workshops, and plenary speakers.

The report that follows more fully outlines these and other noteworthy developments of the last fiscal year mapped against the rhythm of the School calendar. As I hope you will see, the progress we have made thus far is extraordinary, reflecting not only the remarkable ingenuity of our community, but also the engagement and support of our alumni. Together, we realize the HBS mission of educating leaders who make a difference in the world.

Nitin Nohria Dean of the Faculty