The Doctoral Programs at HBS train students who will be responsible for the next generation of business knowledge.

Wyss Awards for Excellence in Doctoral Research

Ryan W. Buell

DBA, Technology & Operations Management

Dissertation: "The Experience of Production: Essays on Customers in Service Operations 1) Are Self-Service Customers Satisfied or Stuck? 2) The Labor Illusion: How Operational Transparency Increases Perceived Value. 3) How Do Customers Respond to Service Quality Competition?"

Now on the faculty of Harvard Business School

Zoë Chance

DBA, Marketing

Dissertation: "Live Long and Prosper: Ironic Effects of Behavior on Perceptions of Personal Resources"

Now a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Yale School of Management

András Tilcsik

Ph.D., Organizational Behavior

Dissertation: "Remembrance of Things Past: Individual Imprinting in Organizations"

Now on the faculty of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Chia-Jung Tsay

Ph.D., Organizational Behavior

Dissertation: "The Impact of Visual Cues on Judgment and Perceptions of Performance"

Now on the faculty of University College London

Martin Awards for Excellence in Business Economics

Jacob Dov Leshno

Ph.D., Business Economics

Dissertation: "Essays in Market Design 1) Dynamic Matching in Overloaded Systems 2) A Supply and Demand Framework for Two-Sided Matching Markets 3) Will an Increase In The Minimum Wage Improve Training?"

Now a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Microsoft Research New England, and will be on the faculty of Columbia Business School in 2013

Dean’s Award

The Dean's Award is presented annually to students for outstanding contributions to the HBS community.

Ryan W. Buell

DBA, Technology & Operations Management

Top Faculty Mentors

For the fifth year, DBA and Ph.D. candidates recognized one senior and one junior faculty member who fostered their professional and personal development with the Doctoral Awards for Excellence in Mentoring.

The senior faculty award went to Dennis Yao and the junior faculty award to Michael Toffel.