Annual Report 2011

Inclusion so all can do their best work in support of the mission.

Cultivating an Environment where Everyone Can Thrive

For HBS to deliver on its mission requires a fully engaged community, in which the environment enables all members to do their best work and to bring out the best in others. Committed to bringing issues to light so as to facilitate ongoing improvement, in fiscal 2011 the School launched the Culture and Community Initiative (CCI). This multiyear project is designed to analyze and evaluate the community's culture in order to identify areas of opportunity and steps that might be taken to ensure that all its members can thrive.

The process began with a faculty study, and it has involved surveys, dozens of one-on-one interviews, and analysis of current and historical data on such areas as recruiting, course evaluations, and promotion rates. In the coming phases, students, staff, and alumni experiences will be studied as well.

Dimensions for Study

The Culture and Community Initiative is using gender as an initial lens for its work, building on a range of efforts underway at the School. One example is a recent study by the Women's Student Association that identified gender-based gaps in both honors awarded and satisfaction with the MBA experience (with significant improvement evident since). In fall 2010, the annual faculty colloquium sponsored by the Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning examined how gender affects education at HBS, allowing faculty members to understand and react to their own biases. The School plans to use the skills and processes developed to explore the effects of other factors—such as race, culture, sexual orientation, or being a nonnative English speaker—in this community.

Economic Inclusion

Creating an inclusive culture means providing support for the best students regardless of their economic means. Today, nearly half of all MBA students receive fellowship support. Over the last five years, the average fellowship per recipient has grown from approximately $18,000 to nearly $27,000.