Annual Report 2010

Social Responsibility

As an institution, HBS recognizes its responsibility to the larger communities of which it is a part. Similarly, the students, faculty, and staff on the HBS campus seek ways to make a positive difference within the School and far beyond.

Support for the Neighborhood

As an important presence in its immediate neighborhood of Allston and the city of Boston as a whole, the School devotes time, funds, and in-kind services to the support of local public and nonprofit organizations.

A flagship program is the HBS Leadership Fellows, which gives organizations the benefit of the full-time services of recent MBA graduates for a year while subsidizing their salaries. Since the program’s inception in 2002, 25 of the 88 worldwide Leadership Fellows have worked in Boston-based operations, with especially strong representation in the City of Boston Mayor’s Office. In fiscal 2010 alone, the School provided 11 scholarships for Executive Education programs to staff members from the City of Boston, Boston Public Schools, and a variety of not-for-profit organizations. HBS faculty devote untold hours to speaking engagements, pro bono consulting, and participation on local nonprofit boards.

Dean’s Award Recipients

Eight MBA students received the School’s prestigious Dean’s Award. This annual award, established in 1997, celebrates a specific kind of achievement—contributing to the well-being of HBS and the larger community through exceptional leadership and service.

Maya Babu

A graduate of the joint MD/MBA program, Babu plans to practice neurosurgery while working to shape government health policy. She participated in research at Massachusetts General Hospital, working with a team of neurosurgeons exploring whether socioeconomic status has an impact on the nature of trauma patient care. At HBS, Babu created a business plan for a social venture devoted to connecting mentors with at-risk high-school students.

Sean Cameron

Cameron was elected Education Representative, or Ed Rep, for his first-year section, and during his second year, he chaired the Education Committee, helping the new first-year Ed Reps succeed in their roles. Cameron served as copresident of the HBS Investment Club and as a finance and economics tutor to first-year MBA students. He spent the 2010 January Term in the Philippines on a research project directed at enhancing rural electrification.

Richard Chung & Philip Wong

In 2009, Chung piloted a version of the Global Impact Experience program, or GIX, in which three teams of students consulted for the U.S. Agency for International Development on projects relating to business development in the Philippines, Morocco, and Jordan. Wong joined Chung in leading the planning and management of the GIX program during its second year, when it was integrated into the School’s 2010 January Term offerings.

John Coleman

Coleman took on leadership roles while a joint degree candidate at HBS and Harvard Kennedy School. In the HBS Senate, he led the Community Impact Fund, which provides financial support for student-led initiatives that have direct and tangible impact outside the School, and he also served as the HBS representative to the Harvard Graduate Council. As an HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellow, Coleman worked at a Boston-based housing nonprofit.

Andrew Klaber

While earning degrees in Harvard’s joint JD/MBA program, Klaber was copresident of the Harvard JD/MBA Association. He was a guiding force in creating the School’s MBA Oath, a voluntary pledge created by students with the ultimate goal of improving leadership throughout the business community. Klaber continued to serve as president of Orphans Against AIDS, an all-volunteer organization he founded while an undergraduate.

Whitney Petersmeyer

Petersmeyer was elected to the Leadership and Values Committee during her first year at HBS and chaired it during her second. She twice participated in the service-based New Orleans IXP. During the summer after her first year, she worked as a research analyst at Teach For America. Petersmeyer was subsequently named an HBS Leadership Fellow, a position that has enabled her to return to this organization for a year after graduation.

Robert Daly Jr.

While at HBS, Daly, a graduate of the joint MD/MBA program, put his education and talents to use helping disenfranchised communities gain quality medical care. He worked extensively with the Humsafar Trust, a nonprofit in Mumbai, India, dedicated to the needs of sexual minorities. Daly developed a five-year strategic plan that resulted in a dramatic increase in the trust’s efficiency and effectiveness and created tools to track the results.

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