Annual Report 2010

Executive Education

Executive Education at HBS prepares executives from all over the world for new levels of leadership in their careers and within their organizations.

Managing Healthcare Delivery

Managing Healthcare Delivery (MHCD) was developed for teams of senior managers—clinicians and administrators—who are on the front lines of decision-making. Inaugurated in 2009–2010, MHCD focuses on issues of strategy, leadership, finance, and operations to help these individuals develop the skills they will need to drive change in their organizations. MHCD is offered in three one-week modules over nine months, reflecting the professional demands of participants. The schedule allows them to use the time between sessions to engage in activities and projects in their own environments—one reason that teams of managers from individual institutions are encouraged to apply.

“We want to equip up-and-coming clinicians and administrators from around the world with the knowledge, tools, and scenarios they’ll need to design and improve healthcare delivery systems within their institutions.”
– Professor Richard Bohmer, MD, faculty chair, MHCD

HBS Mobile Nexus

The Educational Technology Group (ETG) partners with Executive Education to innovate in the delivery of program content and related information. Building on the HBS Learning Nexus, a portal developed for the comprehensive leadership programs, ETG created the HBS Mobile Nexus to bring the same material to participants’ smartphones and tablet devices. The application is designed to help participants get the most from their HBS experience and to deliver content in the way they want to receive it.