Annual Report 2010


MBA Fellowship Program

The MBA Fellowship Program is supported entirely by gifts from alumni, corporations, and friends of the School. Today, the fellowship program comprises more than 400 individual funds that enable HBS to maintain its need-blind admission policy and admit the best and brightest students regardless of financial need. Thanks to the generosity of these donors, together with those who contributed to the Dean’s Fund, growth in the fellowship program has outpaced annual tuition increases and has helped reduce the debt of graduating MBAs.

Alumni Achievement Awards

The 2010 Alumni Achievement Awards represent the School’s highest honor, recognizing individuals who, throughout their careers, have contributed significantly to their companies and communities while upholding the highest standards and values in everything they do.

Susan Decker (MBA ’86)

Former President, Yahoo! Inc.
Becoming a dedicated entrepreneur after a career as a financial analyst, Decker led Yahoo’s global business operations and spent the 2009–2010 year as HBS Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

“When it comes to technology, we all have the same core desires to do things smarter, faster, and simpler, and to stay connected to each other. Entrepreneurs who find better ways to address these needs will add value through new companies and services.”

James Dimon (MBA ’82)

Chairman & CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Earlier in his career, Dimon was a top executive at Salomon Smith Barney and the Travelers Group, helped create Citigroup, and rescued Bank One.

“There were many fundamental causes and contributors to the recent financial crisis. Some practices will be different forever, and that’s a good thing.”

Allan Gray (MBA ’65)

Chairman, Orbis Investment Management, Ltd.
Before launching the international investment firm Orbis—now with about $20 billion in assets under management—with his son William (MBA ‘93), Gray built a highly successful asset management firm in his native South Africa.

“We’ve put more and more emphasis on companies’ intrinsic value—including intellectual capital and brilliant management—not just price-to-book and price-to-earnings ratios.”

James Lovell (AMP 62, 1971)

President, Lovell Communications
Former Astronaut, Apollo 13
As commander of Apollo 13, Lovell oversaw the mission’s safe return to Earth. After retiring from NASA, Lovell entered business in the telecommunications and transportation industries. He now serves on several space-related boards, advocates for the U.S. space program, and is a sought-after speaker.

“If you aren’t motivated by the business you’re in, you’re in the wrong business.”

Marvin Traub (MBA ’49)

President, Marvin Traub Associates, Inc.
Former CEO & President, Bloomingdale’s
During his 41-year career at Bloomingdale’s, more than half at its helm, Traub expanded the legendary store nationally and then globally, launched some of the world’s most popular designers, and mentored new generations of leaders of stores and brands.

“Brands and stores are now global. While the Internet has changed everything, good stores remain distinguished by creativity and a willingness to change.”