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Society's greatest challenges cross many borders. So should the solutions.

Global climate change. Hurricanes and tsunamis. Disintegrating infrastructure. Look no further than these recent headlines to see why HBS and Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government are inaugurating a fully integrated joint-degree program in business and government. Many of society's most complex and critical challenges do not fit neatly into sectors—they require collaboration among business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Harvard is uniquely equipped to frame the distinctive issues at this intersection and to prepare the business and public policy leaders who can resolve them.

Joint-Degree Program Facts

  • Approved in Spring 2007 to replace the concurrent degree program, the three-year program will admit the first students in Fall 2008.
  • The program offers two degree options: Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Policy (MBA/MPP) and Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Administration — International Development (MBA/MPA - ID).
  • Students must be admitted independently to both schools.
  • The curriculum will be fully integrated and enriched with specialized research and case development.
  • During their first summer in the program, students are expected to pursue internships based in public service or public policy, and to have a similar experience in the private, for-profit sector the following summer.

“These new joint degrees will prepare leaders who can advance solution building at the intersection of business, government, and NGOs. Today's most intractable issues cross these sector boundaries, and we are committed to producing a cadre of leaders who can reach across them respectfully and effectively. Think about alleviating poverty, conquering diseases, rebuilding war-ravaged cities and then imagine what the graduates of this program will be able to accomplish.”

Professor Dutch Leonard

aerial photo of HBS Campus

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