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Immersion programs enable MBA students to test new waters.

The state maintains an enduring role in business. Families exert great influence, no matter what the organization chart says. Companies provide critical social support for employees. Welcome to doing business in China. These are among the realities that some 70 MBA students and three faculty members experienced firsthand in the China Immersion during January 2007. The School piloted three Immersion programs during the 2007 winter break, each combining elements of traditional student treks with faculty leadership and a structured academic experience.

China Immersion 2007 Itinerary

  • 6 cities in 11 days: Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Sanya, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong
  • Academic and media panel presentations
  • Visits to companies and interviews with executives
  • Industries represented: auto parts, soft drinks, microchips, semiconductors, and petroleum
  • A visit to the Beijing Olympic Games committee
  • Networking with local HBS alumni
  • Cultural tours and social events

“Although I had heard so much about the explosive growth of the Chinese economy, I had to see the transformation for myself in order to truly understand it. Simply driving into Shanghai from the airport demonstrated the extent of their infrastructure. For me, the most valuable aspects of the immersion were the participation of the faculty, who provided so much context about the way business has developed in China, and the group experience of traveling and learning with other HBS students. As one of the three leaders of the Middle East Immersion planned for 2008, I'm using my experience in China as a model.”

Firas Alkhatib
MBA '08

Global Trek

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