The protagonist will see you now.

The HBS classroom remains a vibrant, engaging arena for learning. In the required first-year curriculum, roughly a third of the cases are new each year, focused on timely and relevant issues, industries, and geographies. Moreover, nearly every class incorporates online resources and tools such as interactive exhibits, live polling, simulations,and videoconferenced discussions with case protagonists. In the second year, students can select from among half courses, full courses, field studies, and individual student research projects. When combined with club activities, treks, the annual Business Plan Contest, and other activities, the breadth and depth of options available to HBS students is unparalleled among leading business schools.

The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division Case

The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division introduces students to the case method by putting them in the shoes of a general manager challenged with turning around a business in decline. Students are challenged with the dilemmas of managing cross-functional teams operating under pressure to deliver results.


"The effectiveness of the case method is based on its connection to the real world of practice. Advances in technology have allowed us to bring more of that world directly into the classroom."

Professor Joe Badaracco,
Senior Associate Dean and Chair, MBA Program

"I walk into class each day with a certain view of the case and what strategy I believe the protagonist should take. But in each class I am astonished by the views and opinions of my colleagues. Our debates are invigorating, and they create a learning environment unlike any I have ever known."

Michael Arlotto, MBA '06