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Pathbreaking faculty research, disseminated worldwide.

HBS has long been recognized for its thought leadership. Building on the foundation of their research and experience, the faculty publish a wide range of books each year on a broad spectrum of topics. Many of these publications become classics in their field, changing the way we view the world and transforming the practice of business.

"Ask the CEO at any multiunit enterprise and you will hear about initiatives to generate interunit synergies. But few CEOs use a systematic process to capture potential scale and scope economies. Our research demonstrates that diversified companies have the potential to realize a new source of 'enterprise-derived value' from their business units. Using new approaches to organizational alignment, it is possible to create synergy not only within the company but between the firm and its board of directors, investors, customers, and suppliers."

Professor Bob Kaplan
Author, with David P. Norton (DBA '73)
Alignment: Using the Balanced Scorecard to Create Corporate Synergies,
Harvard Business School Press
April 2006

"I wrote my last book on the politics of the Internet, and inevitably people would ask me: What is the next cycle of technology that will have the same effect? A technology so radical that it creates a market that didn't exist before, and people jump into it and do all kinds of wacky things because there are no rules—though people will eventually want them. It hit me that the answer was reproductive medicine. What scientists are now able to do in terms of high-tech reproduction has created a market for conception that never existed before."

Professor Debora Spar
The Baby Business: How Money, Science and Politics Drive the Commerce of Conception,
Harvard Business School Press
January 2006

"Participants in the healthcare system have competed to shift costs, accumulate bargaining power, and restrict services rather than create value for patients. This zero-sum competition takes place at the wrong level—among health plans, networks, and hospitals—rather than where it matters most: in diagnosing, treating, and preventing specific health conditions. We believe that by focusing the healthcare system on delivering patient value, hospitals, doctors, health plans, employers, and policymakers can move to a positive-sum competition that will unleash lasting improvements in quality and efficiency."

Professor Michael Porter
Author, with Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results,
Harvard Business School Press
May 2006