Mobilizing resources to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare.

The recently launched Healthcare Initiative was formed to coordinate and expand the School's contributions to one of the most complex and important arenas of our time. The Initiative is engaging an interdisciplinary community of business and healthcare leaders, faculty, students, and alumni from around the world, building on the unique strengths of HBS, Harvard University, and the Boston area — one of the world's great centers of healthcare research and delivery. As it develops, it will address all segments of the industry, including how new technologies are identified, developed, and brought to the marketplace; how healthcare products and services are marketed and sold; and how healthcare is delivered to the individual.

100 students in MBA Class of 2008 are interested in healthcare
  • 10% of first-year MBA cases relate to healthcare
  • The HBS Health Industry Alumni Association has more than 700 members
  • More than 400 healthcare cases are available through HBS Publishing
  • 20% of the faculty have a research interest in healthcare issues


"All business leaders, regardless of industry, need to understand the major ideas and trends in healthcare in order to engage in the types of activities that can make a difference for their companies and employees. We are strengthening our research as well as our MBA and Executive Education programs to keep the School at the leading edge of this rapidly expanding field."

Professor Richard Hamermesh,
Chair, HBS Healthcare Initiative