Bringing market needs and faculty insight to executive education.

The Program for Leadership Development, a new Executive Education program launched in fiscal 2006, focuses on the growing need for organizations to nurture the talents of early-career managers who are likely to emerge as key leaders. The program provides participants with an opportunity to step beyond the bounds of their workplace, enhancing their knowledge by interacting with peers from around the world and exposing themselves to real-world business lessons from a variety of industries and cultural perspectives. To minimize the time these individuals spend away from their organizations, the program includes two distance-learning modules interspersed with two two-week modules on campus. The off-campus modules make use of innovations developed at HBS such as interactive learning tools that allow participants to proceed at their own pace and tailor learning to their own needs. Another Web tool allows groups of participants from diverse backgrounds and time zones to collaborate on projects as a virtual team during the time they are away from campus.

Total Executive Education program enrollment:8,239
Total applications received:10,747
International participants:56%
Number of companies sponsoring participants:2,887
Companies sending participants to more than one program over five years:44%
New programs:23
Total number of programs:77

"Executive education at HBS is a laboratory for innovation. Many of our programs spring directly from new and emerging faculty research. In the classroom, ideas are tested, further refined by our participants, and translated to practice."

Professor David Yoffie,
Senior Associate Dean and Chair, Executive Education

"Our longer Comprehensive Leadership Programs, targeted at individuals stepping into more senior management roles at key points in their careers, stress the need to take the time to gain a broader perspective before assuming greater responsibilities."

Professor Bob Simons,
Chair, Advanced Management Program