You can't understand the global economy from the comfort of your desk.

The HBS India Research Center opened in March 2006, facilitating faculty research in one of the world's key economic regions at a time of rapid transformation. Located in Mumbai, the office is the sixth in a network of HBS regional research centers that extends from Latin America to Europe, Asia, and Silicon Valley in California. Research at the Center has focused on management issues faced by Indian enterprises, on companies based in other countries seeking opportunities in India, and on policymakers working within India to enhance national competitiveness and drive economic growth. Cases developed with the Center's support are being taught in MBA courses, including Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism and Managing International Trade and Investment.

Map of HBS Regional Research Centers

HBS Regional Research Centers:

  • 1. California
  • 2. Latin America
  • 3. Europe
  • 4. India
  • 5. Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong)
  • 6. Asia-Pacific (Japan)

"China's government is making big bets on small and medium-sized enterprise as the country's main engine for growth in jobs. If Americans believe that the only advantage entrepreneurs have in China is low-cost labor, they are going to be shocked when they see what's coming in their direction," says Professor Bill Sahlman (Senior Associate Dean for External Relations). In June 2006, the School's Asia-Pacific Research Center arranged a weeklong immersion program with Chinese entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business school faculty, and government officials for Sahlman and nine other faculty in the School's Entrepreneurial Management unit.


"The School's presence in India will help strengthen our relationships with leaders in business, academia, and government, allowing us to increase the depth and breadth of our research and case development. The Center will also enable us to cultivate a constructive dialogue among business leaders throughout the HBS global network."

Professor Krishna Palepu,
Senior Associate Dean for International Development