Tata Hall

Demand for HBS executive programs has been on the rise even in the face of the economic uncertainty of recent years. Today, HBS sees a compelling opportunity to further strengthen its leadership in Executive Education through the construction of a new facility - Tata Hall - that would enrich the learning experience of managers and leaders who come to HBS.

The site of the proposed project is in the northeast corner of the HBS campus, to the east of the original HBS campus designed by McKim Mead and White in the late 1920s. In 1952, Kresge Hall was built to the west of the Project site and in the 1970s McCollum Center and Baker Hall were constructed to the northwest of the project site. More recently, in 1998 McArthur Hall was built as an Executive Education housing facility also to the northwest of the project site.

Siting Tata Hall in this location will complete the Executive Education quad, which currently includes McArthur, Baker, and Mellon Halls (residence), McCollum and Hawes (classroom), Kresge (dining), and Glass (administration).

Tata Hall represents Harvard Business School's best thinking - and experience - around the type of building that best supports Executive Education participants during their time on campus, as well as state-of-the-art practices in the areas of technology and sustainability. Comprising approximately 150,000 GSF with six to seven stories and roughly 180 bedrooms, the building will also include living group rooms as well as an informal gathering space for socializing. 



20 May 2011
Tata Hall IMPNF submitted to BRA

20 Jun 2011
30 Day comment period ends for Tata Hall

09 DEC 2013
Tata Hall opens